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Are you ready for the Frostbite?

All boats race against each other and their positions are calculated on a handicap basis using the Portsmouth Yardstick rating. Keep a close watch on the number of races as the race 'winds down' closer to Christmas


You can read the full document here. (Section 12).To summarise, if you see or are involved in an incident which might have caused injury or damage to property, you should record it on the relevant form which then should be placed in the bosun's log. This is to ensure that we continue to monitor and improve safety at the club. If you feel that the matter is urgent you can email the information to principal(AT)

New 'Craft' Labels for 2017

With a greater use of technology to help control and monitor craft kept at the Club, we have decided to replace the annual craft permit with a one-off ‘Sticker’ issued when a boat is first registered with us. If you have renewed your membership collect your labels from the red folder on the galley bookshelves. Look at this page for examples and view FAQ'


Affectionally known as 'The Wrinklies, we are a group that meet on Thursdays from about 10 am - 4 pm. We complete maintenace and decorating projects. The Hollowell Pontoons were built by us! For more information click


We have PDFs of Training Posters for you to print and display perhaps at your workplace. There are courses for all levels: beginners, improvers and advanced. We also have a tri-fold leaflet to give to potential new members in our DOWNLOADS PAGE

Duty Officer Checklist (& your 'own page')

Updates and gathering of relevant pages for Duty Officers. Briefing aide for start of racing here

More Goings on...

New Social Events Page Re-formed committee to run our very popular social events. HERE

Sailing News On the water topics - incls. new 2017 personal handicap list.. HERE

Youth Squad Gossip Just what are these young 'uns' up to? HERE

Have you changed your boat?

old boat fast boat

If you have treated yourself to a new boat - you will need to update your record on webcollect. Here is brief guide to assist you ....HOW .

Abington Park Model Yacht Club

Abington Park Model Yacht Club - are affiliated to Hollowell SC. They are great fun to have around and more than happy to 'show you the ropes'. We have set up a page for news and their calendar.... here

The Hollowell Scullers

The Hollowell Scullers are also affiliated to Hollowell SC. They meet and train on Saturday mornings and weekdays throughout the summer. Looking for a great way to keep fit? View their website .. here

Our web site

You need to know that sometime during 2017 the web address for this site will change. This is because we are moving to HTTPS from HTTP - if you do not know what that means I very much hope you don't do online shopping (look it up!) No date has been set for the change-over but if you are an irregular reader the next time you try to view us we might will be gone. - S.E.


YOUR MEMBERSHIP FOR 2017 IS NOW DUE. We are a volunteer run organisation please do not have us sending out reminders to you.
What can we do to help you through the renewal process?
1. We have a visual guide to help you complete your membership subscription renewal here.
2. Amending your craft details? We have a visual guide to assist you
Remember you will cause the internet to explode IF YOU DO NOT FIRST BOOK YOUR DUTIES!..... MORE


Boat Parking

This may assist you in the renewal process as the form asks where you boat is parked. Sorry there was not room for the 'bay' numbers. If you have an issue or query regarding boat parking please contact dutyman in the first instance and your emails will be passed to the Harbour Master - David Blackbourn.
If you have a 'new' boat please park it in area 'D' and contact us for a more permanent position. Note, even if you have a wooden leg, a bad back and one lung - you are NOT going to get a water-front berth!

Why not be a Saturday Duty Officer?

I joined H.S.C in 2012 and have become a Saturday sailor in the main. Recently it would seem that we are struggling to fill the D.O. duty slots, so I thought I would give an account of my experience of being a D.O. with the aim of encouraging some of you to give it a go. Anybody that races at HSC has a good idea of what is involved, so I can’t understand why people find the idea so daunting!
About a year ago Simon King offered some Saturday D.O training sessions, in which I participated. On the first Saturday, Simon was D.O and I was A.D.O with Simon thinking aloud, explaining very clearly what was involved as he went along; on the second Saturday I was D.O and Simon supervised and guided. Later in the year I did 2 more Saturdays on my own. Simple! I can’t think of any D.O that would’t happily offer a trainee their guidance.
As D.O I arrive at mid-day and find that the Scullers have already opened up the club and got in 2 rescue boats. I then bring in the committee boat and get everything ready on board; by the time I have done this the B.O will have arrived and brought in another rescue boat. By now I will have a rough idea of the course I will set and advise the B.O of any marks to be moved etc.
If the set course isn’t ideal, so what! All the competitors are in the same position and in my experience there are only a few moaners anyway and if you are worried ask what people think.
I am not even slightly I.T. literate so it was putting the results in the PC that worried me the most, but it is surprisingly simple; once again, if in doubt ask; nobody will mind.
When the last race is over the B.O will put the boats away while you do the results, then while the members are in the bar crying into their beer and moaning about the course, you can be locking up the outside sheds and putting away the keys; finally you lock up the club house, put away the key and go home.
If any of you are interested in joining me in the committee boat this year I will be happy to see you there, and blame you for the course! There are about 44 races in the Saturday series i.e. 22 Saturdays; I am doing 4 of these, so all we need are 5 more people to do their duties on a Saturday to have them all covered and put a big old smile on the Dutyman’s face!!
Have a good year, keep the pointy bit upwards, and see you out there.
Tony Everard.

Committee Matters

All Committees Minutes At the bottom of the Downloads Page you will find Minutes and Committee reports for YOUR club. You maybe surprised how much work is involved!